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Today TECGA is represented in over 15 countries in Europe, the USA, Canada, South America, and the Far East. At the same time, the company represents 14 well known foreign major companies in the electroplating industry in Switzerland.

The companies self-developments such as Carbolux, electrolysis cell, oil- and solid separator (OF), evaporator and electro-polishing drum, which is the youngest launch have a worldwide reputation.


In plant engineering TECGA has a number of best record references from small up to large installations

TECGA is your experienced and competent partner for new plants, plant modifications and components with garanteed highest quality at realistic prices.

Our good name worldwide, our services and our innovative spirit commits ourselves to tackle new challenges in the electroplating industry and find suitable solutions for our customers. This also will be always our goal in the future.


How it starts...



From initially "René Leutwyler, Technical Galvanoservice, the company "TECGA Technical Galvanoservice AG" was founded.



First representations of well-known brands: Linnhoff, Hendor.



Development Carbolux



Development electrolysis cell. 1st. Carbolux shipped overseas. Licensing agreement with USA for Carbolux.



Development for evaporator chromium-nickel and other effluents. First Exhibition participation at Swiss-Tech, Basle and Exhibition in Düsseldorf. Patent for Carbolux is granted in Germany.



Licensing agreement with America for electrolysis cell. Exhibition participation and patent for Carbolux is granted in America



Electrolysis cell is voted “Best Invention” in America



Carbolux with the Serial No. 100 is shipped to the Netherlands. Patent for electrolysis cell is granted



In America the under license built electrolysis cell with "serial number 100" has been sold.First tests with oil and solid separator.



Oil and solid separator becomes a bestseller. Foundation of the company LSR. Carbolux first used for zinc-nickel baths.Acquisition of current property and move to Mägenwil.



Development of the electrolysis cell in combination with oil and solid separator. Company celebrates 10-year anniversary.



First successful attempts to recover gold from washing water. Test site in the Yukon, Canada (Alaska).



The 500th Carbolux leaves our plant



Development of the process “electrical polishing drum”



Production start of the first self designed filter press



Development of the fully automatic filter press



Development of the oil separator 30-10V and participate at the Swiss Tech Exhibition in Basel



First fully automatic membrane filter press with 1000 mm plates is shipped to America.



The 100th filter press leaves our plant.



Development of Carbolux for pickling majority takeover of the company Aquachem Separationstechnik GmbHGeneral Representative in Switzerland and Liechtenstein for Asmega plating, Italy, electroplating plants and Aqua-Plus, Germany, Water and Recycling Systems.



Company celebrates 20-year anniversary. Development of a new oil and solid separator for emulsifying degreasing baths



A quarter of a century of TECGA is again a good a reason to celebrate.

Yes, we are still there, even if the business has become much rougher.

Price dumping and the trend towards "cheap" has also arrived at our customers. Well, buy cheap- buy twice! 

We don't want and don't can follow this stream. We continue to be focus on our proven TECGA quality.





René Leutwyler

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