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Carbolux 50®

Our "Flagship"Carbolux® is for easy crystallization of various electrolytes and waste water in electroplating, galvanizing, hardness and clean industries. Our sensational development enables different electrolytes and waste water to get rid of troublesome decomposition products.

The CARBOLUX® can be set to any desired standard value (g / l).


We guarantee with our name for high-quality and perfect functioning of our CARBOLUX®

Carbojet by Tecga


CarboJet300 is used to separate sodium carbonate from various liquids through freezing.


It is a semi-automatic unit made of V2a stainless steel. A PP-collection vessel is included. Draining with stainless steel submersible pump, filter bag including basket and wheeled cart with drip collector.


230V control cabinet with temperature controller; flashing light as ready message.


Appropriate for small budgets, but powerful; up to 150 kg of carbonate per 24 h possible.


​Please contact us for more informations and rates.


Filter Press

OF Separator

OF- Separator

The simplest way to filter out oils, fats and fine particles from various solutions.

Sufima Filtermaterial


Sufima- our Filter products are available in 3 different types:


- Coars

- Fine

- Micron

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